This is Exactly What Is Wrong With This Generation

  • Increase in suicides
  • Increase in accidental drug overdoses
  • Increase of kids dropping out of school due to depression
  • Entire population growing up without joy

It sounds pretty sad, and it is. However, despite the negative twist on the title, there is always hope, and we can be a part of that.

This is a much watch for some excellent insight on the ever growing problem of low self-esteem and depression within the millennial generation.

We can help them live out those little moments that build their character, give them hope, and help them fulfill their potential.


For more on healthy ways to view and teach self-esteem, check out this article on “Why The Self-Esteem Movement Failed.”

Why Can’t You Just Be Yourself?

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?

Just be yourself…it’s easy right? Don’t worry about what others think. Ignore peer pressure. Do what you feel is right regardless of what anyone says. Stand up for what you believe in… You have heard it, and at one point in time, you have probably said it to someone else. It is a simple concept […]

Raising Girls Who Think

Raising Girls Who Think

There is a lot happening in our world right now, and unfortunately much of it is divisive, controversial, and debatable. It is hard to determine what is real, tough to know who to trust, and difficult to sort fact from fiction. As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and mentors, we have a great responsibility and opportunity to […]

The Alarming Question 10,000 People Google Every Month

And the Frightening Affect it Has On Our Girls

How to change the words Am I Ugly to I am Loved!

  There is no question that the internet holds countless answers to limitless questions. How many ounces in a pound? How do you boil an egg? How many miles to my destination? These are examples of simple questions with quick and helpful answers. In our society, we ask Google just about everything, and most of […]

Why the Self-Esteem Movement Failed

And What to Teach Instead

Why the Self-Esteem Movement Failed and What to Teach Instead

In the late 60’s and early 70’s many studies were conducted regarding the correlation between a high self-esteem and a successful life. A particular piece of work entitled “The Psychology of Self-Esteem” by Nathaniel Brandon was widely used to promote this idea. As a result, well-meaning parents, teachers, and caregivers all began taking great pains […]

Is it Okay to Love Yourself?

Self Esteem from a Christian Perspective

  It is the opinion of many that a healthy level of self-esteem and self-confidence are vital for a successful life. There are thousands of sayings, quotes, memes, pictures, and articles that preach the need to love ourselves, accept ourselves, and believe in ourselves. At first glance it may seem like we are indeed obsessed […]

Is it Okay to Love Yourself- Self Esteem from a Christian Perspective
It Takes Courage to Grow Up and Become Who You Really Are

5 Things Confident Girls Don’t Do

What can be as exciting as watching a child do what you want?  Many would say that it is watching them NOT do what you DON’T want! If the endless temptations facing our girls is keeping you up at night, you are in good company. As hard as we try, it is so easy to […]

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