This is Exactly What Is Wrong With This Generation

  • Increase in suicides
  • Increase in accidental drug overdoses
  • Increase of kids dropping out of school due to depression
  • Entire population growing up without joy

It sounds pretty sad, and it is. However, despite the negative twist on the title, there is always hope, and we can be a part of that.

This is a much watch for some excellent insight on the ever growing problem of low self-esteem and depression within the millennial generation.

We can help them live out those little moments that build their character, give them hope, and help them fulfill their potential.


For more on healthy ways to view and teach self-esteem, check out this article on “Why The Self-Esteem Movement Failed.”

What If She Never

What If She Never -

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Raising Girls Who Think

Raising Girls Who Think

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Why the Self-Esteem Movement Failed

And What to Teach Instead

Why the Self-Esteem Movement Failed and What to Teach Instead

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