Living A Natural Lifestyle – Is It Even Worth It?

Is Living a Healthy Lifestyle Worth It?


Living a natural lifestyle isn’t the easy way to go. It isn’t the quickest way, and it often isn’t the cheapest.

Life today is complicated, busy, and expensive. I don’t know very many people who have an excess of both time and money, and when it comes to a more organic and earthy existence, there are many barriers. They include:

  • Lack of access
    • Obtaining organic food, natural self-care products, specialty ingredients, or access to alternative methods of health care can be difficult in some parts of the country.
  • Lack of money
    • If the items above do happen to be available, they are often too extensive for the average family to afford.
  • Lack of time
    • It takes a few minutes to drive through McDonalds when you have a jam packed schedule, hungry kids, and nothing left to give at the end of your day. In contrast, it may take a few hours to make your own gluten free, free-range, organic, chicken nuggets with homemade bbq sauce, and freshly baked potato wedges.
  • Lack of family buy-in
    • Just because one member of the family (usually the mother) chooses to “go natural”, does not mean the rest of the family will automatically get on board.

Given all of these obstacles, one does have to wonder if it is even worth it.


Blogs, experts, doctors, herbalists, or even your friends can assure you that it is. There are numerous articles and resources available that list the attributes of using food as medicine, explain how the chemicals in our foods and beauty products are harming us and causing illness, and show how herbs can be used to gently heal and nurture our bodies.

If you look hard enough and are willing to go a bit out of your way, you can find integrative health practices that offer an alternative to the standard of care in the conventional medical system. You can join co-ops, order products and ingredients online at discounted prices, and meal plan on your days off to sneak in quick and healthy meals for your family.

Is it easy? No! Is it worth it? That has to be up to you.


Each one of us operates our lives differently. We make different choices, we have different priorities, and we have different “whys“. It is our “whys” that guide us. Overcoming overwhelming obstacles rarely happens without something fueling the passion and commitment that is needed to make it happen.

There are various factors that may lead people to the power and peace that is associated with a more natural lifestyle. Many times it is in response to a crisis or epiphany. Some have experienced a health crisis themselves, some have watched a loved one suffer. Others have strong concerns for the environment, or just want to be healthier and have more energy for their children.

Whatever the reason is, when the why is strong enough, very little is impossible.

What is your why, and what is it worth…to YOU?



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