Raising Girls Who Think

Raising Girls Who Think

There is a lot happening in our world right now, and unfortunately much of it is divisive, controversial, and debatable.

It is hard to determine what is real, tough to know who to trust, and difficult to sort fact from fiction.

As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and mentors, we have a great responsibility and opportunity to teach girls so many things. They look to us to play an active role in their upbringing.

As women, we are united by many common goals, ideals, and morals. At a core level, our hearts and minds are all most likely headed in the same direction.

However, despite all the ways we are alike, we also have many differences.

Among us there are Democrats, Republicans, Lutherans, Catholics, vaccine advocates, vaccine critics, conventional medicine subscribers, and others who seek a more natural way. If we are being honest, many of us probably “straddle the fence” on more than one of these issues, because let’s face it…sometimes things seem black and white, but often they look more grey.

Although we may not go to the same churches, vote for the same candidates, or share the same health ideology. Let’s hope that we have one thing in common. Let’s hope that we have arrived at our conclusions because we think!

Now, more than ever before, we have an overwhelming amount of information at our fingertips. Even our young girls have a unprecedented amount of exposure to news, social media, and “facts”.

Sorting through this as an adult can be overwhelming, and it is difficult to imaging the daunting task of facing this during a period as confusing as adolescence. Nevertheless, the reality is that no matter how much we try to shelter them, eventually they will have to.

Trying to isolate them from views that differ from ours is pretty unrealistic in today’s social climate. It is highly likely that one day they will be exposed to other religions, other political views, and people who don’t follow the status quo when it comes to health, medicine, and everything in-between.

In order to stand strong among those who may try to ostracize or bully them because of their beliefs, they need to have a full understanding of the issues. They need to have been given the tools and the encouragement to use their own brains.

Obediently following the masses, blindly trusting without research and thought, or lacking the confidence required to take a stand for what they believe in is a frightening scenario and one we would do best to avoid.

Societies do not thrive on brainwashing, manipulation, and ignorance.  Not only is this dangerous, it does a disservice to the bright and clever young minds that we have an opportunity to help shape.


  • Girls who are trained to sort fact from fiction…
  • Girls who understand the “why” behind what they are being taught…
  • Girls who are open minded, patient, and respectful of others…
  • Girls who are encouraged to research and think for themselves…
  • Girls who are confident enough to make decisions and stand up for themselves…

…These are the girls who will bring light and hope and peace to this world.



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