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If we added up all of the time we wasted on worrying about our appearance, our weight, and the ways we were lacking, what could we do with those extra minutes, hours, or even days?

We may never be able to get those precious moments back, but we can help the next generation of girls learn from our mistakes.

What could she do to impact the world if she were free from those chains?

What If She Never…

  • Cried when she saw herself in the mirror because she felt she wasn’t pretty enough.
  • Squeezed into a pair of pants that were too small because she had to be a certain size.
  • Obsessed about tan lines, freckles, moles, and every little “imperfection”.
  • Counted calories instead of enjoying the benefits of a well-balanced, delicious diet.
  • Spent hours at the mall trying to find an outfit that would make her feel great about herself only to find that an outfit can only do so much.
  • Used make up as a mask to hide her true self.
  • Compared herself to other girls who in her eyes are prettier, smarter, or more popular.

Each and every girl has been given special talents, abilities, skills, and gifts that this world desperately needs.

Imagine a world filled with girls who were confident, independent, and grounded. Girls who were secure enough in themselves to see their gifts and not just their faults.

These trivial, worldly, and superficial worries are robbing us all of precious time, talents, and energy.


What If She Always…

  • Smiled at her reflection because she is looking at a child of God.
  • Recognized that her body is an incredible machine that was designed specifically for her.
  • Felt loved, cherished, and special…knowing who she is and who she belongs to.
  • Looked to the future with hope because she knows she is here for a reason and has a purpose on this earth.
  • Treated herself with the same kindness, grace, and care in which she is encouraged to treat others.

We may not ever be able to live this out perfectly, but we can all do our best to make sure that we model and teach these behaviors to the girls in our lives.

Together we can turn the “what if’s” into reality!


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