What Is A Certified Women’s Herbal Educator?

Since receiving my Women’s Herbal Educator certification, many people have asked me what exactly it is and what it allows me to do.

A Certified Women's Herbal Educator helps women learn more about healthy lifestyles, natural living, and herbal remedies!

Very good questions! Unfortunately the answer can get a little tricky.

The field of herbalism is a bit unique because, “there is currently no licensing or certification for herbalists in any state that precludes the rights of anyone to use, dispense, or recommend herbs” See this article from The American Herbalist Guild.

That being said, as I am not a licensed clinical practitioner with prescribing rights, I will never be diagnosing or prescribing. The course stresses the need to be responsible and refer to medical professionals when necessary.

As far as this certification is concerned, there are several different directions that one can take.

  • Many use it to provide advice for those who have already been diagnosed but are looking for other ways to address symptoms or root causes.
  • Others may have issues with pain or discomfort, and the doctor has cleared them of anything dangerous…but they are still experiencing symptoms and want a different approach to pharmaceuticals.
  • Some actually see clients and work in conjunction with doctors to handle everything from burns and headaches to hormone imbalance and digestive issues.
  •  I am keeping my focus on education, writing, and enhancing herbal medicine use in my own life.

For more information about the core components of the course, see the Herbal Medicine for Women website!

And of course you can ask me anything!


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