Why Can’t You Just Be Yourself?

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be? www.thebecomingeffect.org

Just be yourself…it’s easy right? Don’t worry about what others think. Ignore peer pressure. Do what you feel is right regardless of what anyone says. Stand up for what you believe in…

You have heard it, and at one point in time, you have probably said it to someone else.

It is a simple concept with a not-so-simple execution. The problem lies in the fact that many of us have lost sight of who we truly are.

It begs the question: When were you the most authentic version of yourself?

For many of us it was when we were young, as childhood is a time of relative simplicity. It is true that not everyone has an ideal upbringing, but generally speaking, that is the time in our lives when we are free to be who we are at our very core. We tend to act and react in response to our deepest truths.

If we are hungry we eat. When we are full, we stop.

If it’s funny, we laugh.

If it is sad, we cry.

We scream when we are scared, and when we are tired, we sleep.

As we continuously uncover the importance of self-confidence, self-esteem,  and a strong identity, this is a topic that is worth reflection.

So who were YOU anyway…

Before you cared what others thought.

Before you were defined by your social media status.

Before you knew what a selfie was.

Before you understood race, social status, and money.

When you allowed yourself to savor a treat with no thought to how many calories it had. 

When you looked inside of you instead of around you.

When your friendships were uncomplicated and pure.

As you travel back to that place…what did that time in your life mean to you?

Of course we do eventually have to grow up, accept responsibility, and do that thing we now refer to as “adulting’. Despite this fact, we don’t have to say goodbye to everything, and neither do the girls in our lives.

They will learn, grow, and change a great deal throughout their lives just as we have. Drama will start to fill their friendships, social media will demand their time, boys will start to gain their attention, and the ugly parts of the world will emerge out of the shadows. We can’t stop it, but we can help them through it. We should be doing everything we can to help them stay in touch with the core that makes them unique, special, and ever so loved.

Their identity…their true identity… as a child of God should be so ingrained in them that it becomes an untouchable gift that is always theirs. A promise they can claim, a steady presence they can count on, and a comfort that they can own.

Who they are is a tether that will ground them through the winds of change and the storms that will blow through their lives.

The world may do it’s best to distract, corrupt, and destroy, but never let it be said that we allowed any young girl to go through life without the security of knowing and embracing their authentic spirit…and never let it be said that we have let go of our own.

Because who we were is who we still are…and always will be.

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